As a church, one of our top priorities is to serve the community that God has placed us in. We are constantly asking ourselves the question, “If LaGrange Baptist Church closed its doors, would the community miss us?” We want to seek the good of our city through meeting both physical and spiritual needs. Below are some of the ways we seek to carry out this vision:

Community Care

LBC offers financial, crisis, marriage, and other types of counseling to people in our community.

It is our desire to step into people’s lives with the love of God and the truth of the gospel in order to meet their needs and point them towards Jesus.

Hope Health Clinic

The Hope Health Clinic is a community wide ministry seeking to provide quality healthcare in a Christ-honoring environment to those who lack alternative healthcare solutions.

For more information, visit hopehealthclinicky.com.

LaGrange Missions

LaGrange Missions is a week-long summer event in which our church will be reaching and serving our community through backyard Bible clubs and worksites. This is a crucial week each summer in cultivating a missional mindset in our students and connecting them with adults in our church in order to promote the gospel in Oldham County.

LaGrange Missions will take place Summer 2018.

The Oldham Clinic

(Touched Twice) This one-day event unites churches from all over Oldham County in an effort to provide medical, dental, and vision care, a food pantry, a clothes closet, a warm meal, and more to those who need help. Find out more at oldhamclinic.com

The next clinic will be on August 19, 2017.