Wednesday Nights at LSM


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A Wednesday night ministry for 7th-12th grade students.

Wednesday Nights (6:30-7:45) serve as our entry-level environment. The goal is to engage the mind and heart of both Christians and non-Christians with the truth of the Bible. A typical night has a mixture of games, music, and biblical teaching.

The two key elements of Wednesday Nights are the relationships and the biblical content.


We never want students to view ministry as something they come to in order to simply receive. The Bible teaches that ministry in the church is something in which Christians serve and are served. In light of this, we desire to teach students the value of the local church along with the value of serving in the local church. A key element to our Wednesday Night environment is our student leaders. Each semester (Fall & Spring) a team of high school students assists in leading the weekly ministries and in planning a student ministry event. These student leaders are also connected with one of our adult leaders for the purpose of discipleship.

Biblical Content

Everything we do in our student ministry is anchored to the teachings of the Bible. This is especially true in the various teaching opportunities we provide to students. On Wednesday Nights our teaching covers everything from walking through books of the Bible to looking at topical issues that students face to teaching through the overarching story of the Bible. We never want to just pump information into students; the goal is to equip and encourage students to apply the truth of Scripture to their lives. In most cases, what is taught on Wednesday Nights is discussed more in depth on the following Sunday in LIFE Class; this approach enables us to streamline the teaching and focus on learning a few things with application rather than learning a bunch of things without application.

On Wednesday Nights during the 2015-2016 school year we will be studying:

Fall: Hebrews

Winter: Proverbs

Spring: Trending (a series that will speak to the various hot button issues in our culture day)