The story of the Bible is a story of worship. Every single human being has been created to worship God. The sin in every heart and the sin in this world cause us to worship everything else besides God. When God saves a person through the message of the gospel, the heart is changed and is compelled to worship God alone. All of this points us towards the truth that a day is coming when every person will worship the one true God. When Jesus returns, every knee will bow before the glory of the Lord. This reality is the reality that drives everything we do at LaGrange Baptist Church. We minister with the awareness that everyone is worshipping something, and the call of the gospel is a call to turn from lesser things to worship the living God, the God we have been created to worship. After all, worship is simply our response to what we value most. Therefore, we want to honor God as the only One worthy of our value, praise, and worship.

As a church, we make it our aim to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and make disciples of Jesus Christ. A disciple is one who worships God and is growing in his/her relationship with God. We want everything we do as a church to serve this purpose. Everything from our preaching of the Bible to our participation in mission trips, from serving the community together to eating meals together, from our work places to our worship services, worshipping God is a relationship that colors all of life. See the links below to learn more about our preaching and music ministries and what you can expect on a Sunday morning at LaGrange Baptist.

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