We were made for relationships, not only a relationship with God but also relationships with other people. This is evident throughout the Bible, from the institution of marriage in Genesis to the institution of Church in the New Testament. Life was made by God to be lived in community with other people. This is especially true of the Christian life. It is impossible to honor God and grow as a Christian without living in community with other Christians. This is why God, in his goodness and wisdom, created such a thing as the Church; Christians need each other for life and godliness. Even a quick glance through the New Testament reveals how vital community is. Most books in the New Testament are written to churches or groups of people not just an individual person.  Most of the New Testament commands are directed towards “one another” – there are commands to serve one another, love one another, confess sin to one another, and encourage one another, just to name a few. There is no escaping it: we need each other.

As we seek to make disciples, we are doing so in a way that acknowledges our need for each other. The primary way this happens is through our LIFE Classes. LIFE stands for love, instruction, fellowship, and evangelism; these are the 4 elements we strive to have as a part of each one of these small group Bible studies. Our sense of community isn’t limited to LIFE Classes. Community happens where normal life happens: at home, at work, at school, with family, with friends. Biblical community is just that: biblical. We strive to make each of the elements of the community in our church centered around Scripture. See the links below to learn more about the different ministries of our church.


Family Ministry

We strive to connect the church and home through life experiences.

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We want to help men be leaders in all areas of life for the glory of God.

Check out our Men’s Ministry.


We want to provide Christ-centered activities for women in all walks of life.

Learn about our Women's Ministry.

LIFE Classes

These classes are the avenue through which we learn the Bible and live it out practically.

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