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Calvinism in Southern Baptist Life

Doctrine is one of those good words in the Christian vocabulary that’s gotten a bad deal. The word doctrine simply means “teaching.” In one sense, every word that came out of Jesus’ mouth and from the Apostles’ pens was doctrine.

Doctrine is not a boring subject that is only for the halls of academia. It is for the everyday believer like you and me. There is a current “fuss” in the Southern Baptist Convention about a particular view and its place in Baptist life. The doctrinal view is called Calvinism, named after the 16th century theologian John Calvin.

So that we can stay aware of what is going on in our convention and so we can grow in our doctrinal understanding, Dr. Tom Nettles and I will co-teach a six week series on Calvinism in Southern Baptist Life. This will be a great opportunity to learn to listen intently to God as He speaks to us through His Word and develop good clear Biblical thinking.

The seminar will be held on the following dates in the evenings at 6:30 PM:

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Pastor Tony