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The Church is those individuals that the Lord has rescued through faith in the gracious and powerful work of Jesus Christ. Not only does God save people, but He saves them in a specific time and place. So while all Christians all over the world can be referred to as the Church, there are groups of Christians in different locations that form local churches. LaGrange Baptist would not exist without its members; what defines our church is the people not the building we meet in. With this in mind, we have 2 different features on our site that exist to serve our members. The first is the Membership Bulletin Board. This is a place that members can post ministry announcement, needs, etc. for the viewing of the other members. The second feature is our Membership Directory. This pages features contact information for the various members of our church. You can access both of the pages through the links below. Both of these pages are password protected. You can call (502-222-9306) or e-mail (church@lagrangebaptist.com) the church office in order to receive the password.