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For those who are wondering why we have not posted our messages from our Why? series, we have been having technical difficulty recording them. Hopefully we can get the last talk in the this series up for you next week. Please keep checking, our hopes is to have these available online each week.

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Amplify September 2008 Series

September Series Title:  Why?

  • Sep 3 –            Why the Gospel – Col. 1:21-23

  • Sep 10 –         Why You – SHINE – Phil 2:12-18
                           -We have been saved and given His Spirit to for what

  • Sep 17 –         Why Church – Not done ALONE -We do not do this by ourselves – looking at how the Church fulfills God’s mission.  

  • Sep 24 –         Chad is speaking  

Friend Nite coming Oct. 1 -Friend nite is all about you inviting and unchurched friend to church that nite.  We change things up a little, have food, competition, testimony from a student and a we present the gospel.  It is a great place for your friend to come and find out more of what Christianity is all about.

FYI – Jr. High and High School will meet separately on Oct. 8-Nov. 19 

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