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InsideOut (High School Ministry)

Last night we began our 3rd session of InsideOut. For the month of march we’re going to be going through a series called, “Identity.” The heart behind this series is the realization that who you are shapes what you do. Our desires is to help our high school students see 4 different identities that they are to live out as Christians:

Family: we are children of God who relate w/ one another as family

Learner: we are disciples of Jesus who renew our minds by reading God’s Word

Servant: we are servants of God who serve one another in love

Missionary: we are sent by God to reach out to others and restore this world with the gospel

It’s going to be a great four weeks. Come check it out on Sunday nights at 6:30!

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What is InsideOUT?

A large group gathering for high school students to get to know each other, worship Jesus through live music and teaching from the Bible that has at its aim a deeper and ever growing understanding of the gospel so that we can be changed over time from the InsideOUT.

When does InsideOUT meet?

On Sunday nights at 6:30 during the school year in three 5 week terms.  First term starts Sunday, Sep. 19.

Can I bring a friend to InsideOUT?


What is InsideOUT groups?

They are a group of 5-8 students of the same gender that meet together before InsideOUT (@ 5 PM). Our purpose is to grow in relationship with God, each other and those in the world.

How do I signup for groups?

Come Sunday, Sep 19 @ 5:00 PM in the Youth Area of LBC.

Can I bring a friend to groups?

Yes and no, once the groups are formed they are a closed group for the term (5 wks).  After the term is over your friend can join your group for the next 5 week term.

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