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Men's Ministry November 2007 Update

We strongly believe that the men of the church set the spiritual climate of the church. We also know the many difficulties a man in today’s world has in becoming a spiri­tual leader. Our aim is to help you do just that, become a spiritual leader. That does not mean you will be ready to preach at church next week, but it does mean you will grow reverently comfortable in the presence of your God and in the learning of His Word. Then you will be able to lead your family in the spiritual paths you have walked yourself.

This Saturday, Nov. 3, we’ll be having our monthly men’s Breakfast, Bible Study and fellowship from 8-9 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Expect an inspiring lesson from one of our staff or elders.

Opportunity to SERVE:
Afterwards from 10am to 2pm, we’ll be “setting up shop” in the parking lot. It’s the annual Automobile Winterizing Day when senior citizens, single mom’s and other needy individuals in our church family can bring their car for a pretty comprehensive inspection with minor repairs. We need guys to both do the work as well as man the checklist, run for parts, etc. Please see Alan Richards after the breakfast Saturday to see how you can help. Be sure to bring your work clothes and a willing spirit.
In His Service,

Upcoming Events: