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To: All DiscipleNow Participants and Parents

  1. No iPods, mp3, handheld gaming systems or any other electronic devices allowed. If they are brought, they will be taken and not returned. (If you want to bring a ‘PS’, ‘Wii’ or ‘Xbox 360’, please contact Lisle.)
  2. NO CELL phones.
  3. No secular music, TV shows or movies are allowed to be seen or listened to during the weekend.
  4. No illegal substance or any tobacco products including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, dip, pot, etc. If these are found, you will be immediately sent home.
  5. No T-shirts, hats, or other clothing with slogans unbecoming to Christian character (such as cigarette ads or beer slogans, etc.) Any questions don’t bring it or call Lisle.
  6. Conduct yourselves in a mannerly way in the home that you are staying. Be sensitive and give respect to their property. If any items are damaged, you will be financially held responsible.
  7. Inappropriate behavior toward other students and adults will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior is defined as: cursing; degrading others through words and/or actions, any gestures that are not promoting godliness.
  8. LaGrange Baptist Church is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

*A student may be sent home for any of the above rules that are broken.

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