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FAQ DiscipleNow 2009

What is DisicpleNow?
The DiscipleNow concept centers on a small group atmosphere in a home setting for a weekend. Each group will have six to ten youth of the same sex and will be led by an adult leader. Each group goes through a specific Bible Study that introduces some to what it means to be a Christian and encourages others in their growth as a Christian.
Where do students stay?
Students stay in church members homes throughout the county.
Are adults staying in homes?
Yes, the group leader, host family, and usually another adult worker stay in the homes with the students.
Who are the group leaders?
Usually, group leaders are members of our church or personal friends of Lisle. You can call Lisle to find out what adult will be leading your student.
What does the cost cover?
It covers food, materials and t-shirt. Your student will not need any extra money for the weekend.
When will I know where my student will be staying?
We assign host homes with groups the first part of November. We do not make this public info until the Friday night of the event. If you need to know where your student is staying, just call Lisle.
What if my student has a conflict in schedule during the weekend?
That is one of the beauties of this event – it is done in town. So if your student has a conflict and it cannot be changed, in your registration confirmation packet there will be a “time away” card – fill it out and give it to Lisle before the weekend. But, understand, we strongly encourage you to try and work it out to be there the entire time.