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A Healthy Church Member is a Biblical Theologian – Part Two

Deacons, I want to begin today’s post by wishing you a very Merry Christmas. I pray that you are blessed with the richness of Christ in your hearts and that you and your families are filled with the joy that is known by those who see in Christ’s birth the reason for their hope.

In follow-up to last week’s note about what is Biblical Theology, I want to take a few moments to talk about why it is important – what are its benefits?

In recording these benefits Anyabwile notes that these were first put forward by Wayne Grudem. I would recommend Dr. Grudem’s Systematic Theology and his book Bible Doctrine for further reading on this subject.

One benefit of being a biblical theologian is that, as you take in the whole council of God, you begin to see who God is and who He has been. In so doing, you realize that He has always been the same, which gives you confidence that He will never change, and therefore, all His promises are true. You recognize that His love for you will never change, His faithfulness to you will never fade, His Holiness will never be defiled, and His sovereignty over all things will never be removed. As you begin to see these truths shine forth in scripture your reverence and adoration grow and your love for your Father in Heaven deepens. This in turn translates itself into outward service for the Kingdom of God. What a magnificent blessing indeed.

I won’t list more today. I will simply state that my desire for you is, indeed, that your faith would so move your heart that you would love the work of God; that you would desire more than anything to be about the Father’s work in the world. For that very reason, I commend to you the study of the whole council of God; that you would love it, feed on it and take it deep into your heart where it can change your desires and motivate your will to glorify God.

May He bless you richly, Mark

The basis for these writings on being a Healthy Church member are from Anyabwile,TThabiti M.What is a Healthy Church Member?. Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books, 2008.