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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Worship and Preparation Guide

Three essential questions to ask as we study God’s word are;

  1. What do I need to learn from this text?
  2. What do I need to become because of what I have learned? (attitudes that might need adjusting, perspectives that are unfair…)
  3. What do I need to do in relation to what I have learned from God’s word?

Today we heard about young David, the shepherd boy, being chosen by God to be Israel’s king. In the story we met the prophet Samuel who was grieving over King Saul’s failure. We also met Saul, Israel’s first King, who started out great but ended up fearing man and disobeying God.

This part of David’s story was written to teach us that God looks at life differently than we do. God has no limit to his knowledge or his vision. We are greatly limited in both. God wants us to trust him when life does not make sense to us, because God always makes sense out of life for his children. We cannot see what God can see but we know that he expects us to trust him with our lives.


  • Grief does not go on forever with God
  • The plan of God cannot be stopped by man

 Pray this week with your family to learn:

  • That God is with us in all our troubles
  • That God has a plan, it is good and it will be accomplished
  • To see life more as God does and to rest in His control

Preparing for Worship

Getting ourselves ready for next Sunday!

I know that most of us can hardly think about what is happening after lunch today, but what about next Sunday? We are going to come together to be in God’s presence. Don’t you think it is worth preparing for?

Here are a few suggestions:

The sermon will be on I Samuel, chapter 17. This is one of the most familiar stories of the Old Testament, the story of David and Goliath. Can you learn something new from an old story? Why not try!

Read the story a few times this week. It would be good if you could read it aloud to your family.

Make a note of anything that you hear or see in the story for the first time.

Ask your children what they remember most about the story after you read it to them.

Getting Practical

Nothing in life is done well without preparation. This might be why church is so boring sometimes. We just show up and expect it to “happen”. I wonder what effect a little preparation might have. Try some of these ideas . . .

  • Lay your clothes and the children’s clothes out on Saturday night
  • Get to bed at a decent hour and read part or all of I Samuel 17 before you go to sleep
  • Pray that our hearts would be directed to God throughout the worship service
    • Pray for Benjamin, our musicians and singers
    • Pray for Tony as he preaches, that he would be clear in his explanation of God’s word
    • Pray for all of us to be directed to God and not ourselves
  • When worship is over, thank God for His word, His people and His blessings

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