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Oldham Clinic – Advocate FAQS

Some people are asking me questions about being an Advocate. Without these answers some are reluctant to sign up to help, so let me put the questions and their answers out here for all to see.

  1. Do I have to have medical experience to be an Advocate? – NO!
  2. Do I have to know Spanish? – NO (Helpful, but no)
  3. Will there be training? – Yes – Tuesday night the 24th at DeHaven and Saturday morning the 28th at DeHaven – times to be announced
  4. Will there be people there to help me answer spiritual questions that I don’t feel comfortable with? YES
  5. How long is the event? – From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, but plan to be there early for training and late for clean up if possible.

We need your help, so don’t let an unanswered question keep you from volunteering. Contact me with your question, and I’ll get you an answer.

Currently we have 56 advocates signed up. LaGrange Baptist  has 22 advocates signed up to serve. I am very proud of the strong turn out for our church, but I pray to see many more, so please don’t hesitate to ask a question if you want to sign up but aren’t sure.

Blessing, Mark