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The Gospel In Me: November 2, 2014

Before every baptism we have the privilege to hear stories of how God has saved people in our church and community through the gospel. In order to encourage one another, we will be posting these “gospel stories” after each baptism!
Holly Richardson (7th Grade) 
I grew up in a Christian home, and I’ve always gone to church. For a while I knew there was a God and knew all the stories, but I always questioned my faith and never really took the interest to understand. I would just bury it in my mind.
It wasn’t until I went to Crossings Camp that I figured out I really needed God. It was like the lights turned on. I just felt a wave of emotions and knew that I needed Jesus more than anything. That night I talked with Katy Love (my adult leader), she told me that she understood my concerns. I was worried that I was just having an experience, and that I wasn’t really saved. She explained to me that I was a sinner and that God will forgive me through Christ. That night I asked Jesus to forgive my sins, and I thanked Him for taking my place. I also thanked Him for helping me understand my need for Him.
When I got home from camp I questioned again whether my faith was real. So I talked to my dad about it. He explained to me what it really meant to be saved, and I decided I should get baptized. Before [God saved me], I was really concerned about what people though of me, and it really affected my day to day actions. But now, my concern is only what is pleasing to the Lord. I’m so thankful the Lord saved me, and I’m looking forward to enjoying life with Him forever!