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The Art of Marriage Conference, February 13-14


We are excited to facilitate an Art of Marriage Weekend at LBC on February 13-14 and would love to have you join us!
Here are the details:
What? The Art of Marriage Event is a video experience that consists of six video sessions. These videos combine dramatic stories, real-life testimonies, expert interviews, humorous vignettes and other teaching methods to lay out God’s design for marriage in a fresh, engaging, and biblical way. Visit www.theartofmarriage.com for more details.
Who?  Although the material targets married couples, anyone old enough to marry can attend and should attend if possible.  Marriage is never mastered, so both young and old need this.
Where?  LaGrange Baptist (1139 Commerce Parkway, LaGrange, KY 40031)
How much?  $50 – This covers the manuals and snacks, and a meal on Friday night.
Can kids come?  Nope.  Sorry, but you’ll have to find somebody to watch them.  Besides, session 5 (see below) may be a little awkward with kiddos running around.
When does registration end?  No later than Sunday, February 1.
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Weekend Schedule:
Friday, February 13th 
6:30-7:30 – Dinner
7:30-8:30 – Session 1 – Love Happens: God’s Purpose and Plan
8:30-8:45 – Break
8:45-9:45 – Session 2 – Love Fades: Overcoming Isolation
10:00 – Dismiss for evening & Project 1, which may take about an hour, but please aim to do this before returning so that it doesn’t get neglected and you can do it with the material fresh on your mind.
Saturday, February 14th
9:00 – Session 3 – Love Dances: Fulfilling our Responsibilities
10:00-11:15 – Project & Break
11:30-12:30 – Session 4 – Love Interrupted: Communication and Conflict
12:30-2:00 – Lunch and Project
2:00-3:00 – Session 5 – Love Sizzles: Experiencing Real Intimacy
3:15-4:30 – Session 6 – Love Always: Leaving a Lasting Legacy