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The Gospel In Me: August 28, 2016

Before every baptism we have the privilege to hear stories of how God has saved people in our church and community through the gospel. In order to encourage one another, we will be posting these “gospel stories” after each baptism!
Avery Leveritt (6th Grade)
My name is Avery Leveritt, and I’m going to share my story with you. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior because I have started to understand the wonderful books of the Bible. I have been a Christian a while now, and I know that Jesus is in my heart. I want to dig deeper into my faith and continue to seek him and lean that I should be slow to anger towards myself as God is slow to anger to all of us. Almost every week I go to church. I have had many wonderful church leaders who volunteer to change children’s lives and I’m very thankful. My family had many bumps in the road and we lost hope. We were scared and lost in the dark, but God shined his light on us and gave us a path. We started to go to church again, and I have become stronger in God’s Word.
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