V.I.N.E. Time



V.I.N.E. Time is a fun-filled hour for preschoolers (age 2 – Kind.) to come and enjoy a Very Important Nurturing Experience that connects them to Jesus Christ. V.I.N.E. Time meets during the worship service from 10:45am-12:00pm. The Sunday school lesson is reviewed and the time is packed with various activities to reinforce the truths learned in the previous hour.

This is one of the great things about VINE Time. The lesson is simple, and it is a follow up lesson from their LIFE Class. This means it is something the kids are familiar with and they will likely retain the information. Our greatest desire is for the Word of God to be implanted upon their hearts so that they may come to trust Christ and follow Him. VINE Time is a key component in accomplishing this goal, and kids will leave with a greater understanding of our great God.

Another great blessing about VINE Time is that it frees up the parents to worship God with the rest of the Saints. Parent’s need to receive the word of God and unite with the body of Christ if they are going to faithfully care for their kids. While parents are worshipping, they can have confidence that their children are being taught from God’s word and encouraged to trust and follow Jesus.









To get an idea of why we do what we do, please read this article.

This is a ministry that is always in need of workers.
If you desire to serve in our VINE Time ministry,
please contact Pastor Ryan.