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Women's Spring 2011 Bible Study

Two studies will be offered on Thursday mornings, March 3rd – May 19th at 9:30 AM: Storyline of the Bible: Genesis to Revelation and Beth Moore’s study of Revelation, Here and Now … There and Then. Childcare is available by reservation only.
Cost of Bible study is $15.

Sunday, February 13th, is the first day to sign up.

The Bible is God’s Word. It is also a wonderful book put together by God for God’s people. It has 66 smaller books written by 40 different authors over approximately 1500 years but it has one central storyline that unifies the whole book. This course will help you understand the big picture of Scripture, it’s main events and characters, and God’s plan of redemption as it unfolds. It will also equip you with basic Bible study tools so that you can study it on your own, study it with a friend, or teach it to your children and grandchildren. Come join us as we unpack some Bible basics.

Here and Now…There and Then
This is a lecture series by Beth Moore on the book of Revelation. Beth presents many points of view, allowing women to decide for themselves when the interpretation varies among scholars. She teaches that God is as specific about what He does reveal as He is about what He does not reveal. Each of the 11 sessions is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and will have light homework.